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Pokémon 2015 TCG: XY Hoenn Power Tin - Sceptile

Pokémon 2015 TCG: XY Hoenn Power Tin - Sceptile

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These tins are factory sealed and feature XY era sets inside!💥 this listing is for (1) tin as shown. Great collection tin with amazing sets inside! 

Packs pulled from these were confirmed to be phantom forces, roaring skies, and primal clash. Although packs may vary! 

Get ready for more Hoenn power, Pokémon-EXstyle, with the Pokémon TCG: Hoenn Power Tin! Your skills will evolve as you expand your collection, because each of these collector's tins contains one of the most famous Pokémon-EX in all of the Hoenn region—speedy Sceptile-EX, fire-bright Blaziken-EX, or unstoppable Swampert-EX! Grab one today and power up your game!


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